Marketing my first self published book and other deep thoughts.

Well I just self published my first book called Doggy Styles. It was a lot of fun and also a lot of hard work, much more than I thought, especially since it's only a book of cartoons, mind you, hilarious dog cartoons, with brilliant comedic writing, at least that's what my sales ego told me. Anyway, I published it, had it printed and now have a shitload of copies sitting in my garage waiting for a home. I realized that I am suffering from over expectations, that voice in my head that constantly said "Print it and they will buy" kept me going during the tough times, but may have a different schedule as far as the "buy" part goes. 

What I quickly realized in a self publishing world, creating the book is only half the battle and now the whole marketing side comes into play, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you hear the litany of things that you must do.

• Post to Facebook, Pinterest, Tweet, Blog, See if MySpace is still there, where a placard downtown, get a tattoo of your URL on your ass, masturbate in public restroom, oh wait that last one was for another group I belong to, and so the list goes on.  So right now all I can tell you is that I will try a little bit of each, except for the tattoo, and will write just for the hell of it and if someone enjoys it, great.