Marketing my first self published book and other deep thoughts.

Well I just self published my first book called Doggy Styles. It was a lot of fun and also a lot of hard work, much more than I thought, especially since it's only a book of cartoons, mind you, hilarious dog cartoons, with brilliant comedic writing, at least that's what my sales ego told me. Anyway, I published it, had it printed and now have a shitload of copies sitting in my garage waiting for a home. I realized that I am suffering from over expectations, that voice in my head that constantly said "Print it and they will buy" kept me going during the tough times, but may have a different schedule as far as the "buy" part goes. 

What I quickly realized in a self publishing world, creating the book is only half the battle and now the whole marketing side comes into play, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you hear the litany of things that you must do.

• Post to Facebook, Pinterest, Tweet, Blog, See if MySpace is still there, where a placard downtown, get a tattoo of your URL on your ass, masturbate in public restroom, oh wait that last one was for another group I belong to, and so the list goes on.  So right now all I can tell you is that I will try a little bit of each, except for the tattoo, and will write just for the hell of it and if someone enjoys it, great.

Doggy Styles is now barking at Amazon

Happy to announce the release of my first book entitled "Doggy Styles"  and subtitled "The poop and scoop: An irreverent guide to man's best friend" is now available on  Click here to be taken to the Amazon page.


About Doggy Styles:

Doggy Styles is based off my Nobel winning work while I taught at Cal Tech, MIT and Stanford simultaneously where I proposed that the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the canine species could be divided by an algorithmic function thus divided into two groups of behavior forming the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. To make it easier for the layman to understand I just turned it into a book of offbeat dog cartoons.